On Wednesday night's 'American Idol', all the cattle -- oops, sorry, "singers" -- were split into groups to see which contestants would kill each other first. This is all going down in Las Vegas, because who would notice a bloody death amid the glitz and glamor of Vegas?

Steven Tyler is probably just happy to have an excuse to visit Sin City. Let's see what he had to say to the contestants who've thus far escaped the body count.

Everyone performed at a theater where some Elvis show is being done, and because 'Idol' never met a theme it didn't feel up and talk about later, the singers are all doing songs from the '50s and '60s.

A chick who was far too skinny to be wearing leather leggings tortured us by wearing them anyway during a rendition of 'Great Balls of Fire,' eliciting this comment from Steven: "For a skinny little girl you don't have many tailfeathers, but you sure shook 'em." She, in turn, wiggled her non-existent backside in appreciation.

Later on, he told a group who did 'Why Do Fools Fall in Love,' "Oh my God, I remember -- I'm not sure when -- making out to that."

We did a little research and discovered the original version from Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers came out in 1956, and Diana Ross's cover was released in 1981. Steven was only 8 years old when the first one hit the charts, but yeah, we can totally see that.

And then, after chopping a whole slew of contestants, the 'Idol' body count grew, leaving us with a top 40. It actually has 42 people in it, but you know kids today and their new math.

See you next week.