Stephen Stills wrote a lengthy endorsement of President Barack Obama for Rolling Stone this week, in which he concludes by calling Mitt Romney "icky creepy." The musician praises the president for doing all he can given the current political climate in Congress, while casting aside Romney as a predatory venture capitalist.

"Romney stands for all the policies that got us into this mess," Stills writes in an editorial that appeared on Monday (Oct. 29), just 8 days before Election Day.

"I couldn't believe how he acted at that debate," he adds of Romney speaking of the second debate. "He's a churlish little prick. At least Bush was affable. I don't care if it's a debate and you're running for office. It's not right to be that rude to the President of the United States, let alone anybody else."

Stills has long been a supporter of Democrat causes and candidates. In the Rolling Stone piece the musician and member of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young cites the obstacles Republicans constructed for President Obama to clear as a reason why the recovery from recession was slower.

"From day one, they've refused to let him govern," he says. "So we have watered down versions of everything Obama asked for. But the second term will get better. Even Bill Clinton, in the face of all that Ken Starr nonsense, managed to get a lot done in his second term." Stills wraps up the endorsement by encouraging everyone to get to the polls and vote the Democratic ticket on Nov. 6.