Stephen Lynch, best described as "a musician trapped in the body of a comedian," has just released his long-awaited fifth album, 'Lion.' We've got an exclusive premiere of the song 'The Night I Laid You Down' from this hysterical record for you.

Now you're probably wondering why a classic rock site is sharing a song from a musical comedy record, especially one featuring Americana and alt-country leaning tracks. Well, there's a good reason, but to explain it would spoil the surprise, and what fun would that be?

Here's what we can tell you: 'The Night I Laid You Down' finds Lynch and his lover reminiscing about a particularly romantic evening over gentle guitar and piano. However, it becomes clear pretty quickly that the pair don't agree on exactly how the night went down. Who's right, who's wrong and what does Phil Collins have to do with it all? Find out here!

You can learn more about Stephen Lynch and purchase his new album 'Lion' at his official website.

Listen to Stephen Lynch perform 'The Night I Laid You Down' (Explicit)