Steely Dan played a key role in the 50th anniversary celebration of the Master FM Antenna atop the Empire State Building, providing the soundtrack for an epic light show. Watch the entire thing in the video above.

Appropriately, they used "FM (No Static At All)," Steely Dan's 1978 single, as a soundtrack for the display, held on Thursday (Oct. 29) in New York City. The song was simulcast locally on WCBS so fans could listen along during the show.

Donald Fagen and Walter Becker recorded the Grammy-winning "FM" as they were completing work on the celebrated Aja. Fagen played piano, while Becker handled both bass and guitar, including the memorable concluding solo. Meanwhile, designer Marc Brockman choreographed the lights for this one-time-only event at the Empire State Building. He'd previously synchronized lights for a similar tribute to the Grateful Dead, presented on July 4 in tribute of the band's Fair Thee Well concerts and featuring "U.S. Blues" from 1974's Mars Hotel.

Fagen and Becker last collaborated in the studio as Steely Dan for 2003's Everything Must Go, though they hinted at creating a follow up a decade later. More recently, Fagen released 2012's Sunken Condos on his own, but they principally focus on live shows these days.

Steely Dan is coming off a series of shared summer dates on their Rockabye Gollie Angel Tour with Elvis Costello. They also appeared at the most recent Coachella, though not without some controversy.

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