In a new update on his website, Jersey rocker Southside Johnny writes about the trio of losses that he’s experienced over the past couple of weeks, including longtime friend Clarence Clemons.

Besides Clemons, Southside dealt with the loss of original Asbury Jukes keyboardist Kevin Kavanaugh, who passed away at the beginning of June, and more recently, the death of legendary record man Steve Popovich. The latter famously turned the ‘Bat out of Hell’ album by Meat Loaf into a multi-platinum selling album after many in the industry had abandoned or rejected the project.

So the death of Clemons hits especially hard for Johnny, who wrote: “I'm still finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. But think what all three would say. Don't let your mourning stop you from enjoying life.”

Remembering Clarence, Johnny said, “Look at the clips on YouTube. Could anyone be more forceful and happy with being a member of the E Street Band? I guess the lesson is to wring every drop of joy out of our brief time on earth, and celebrate the gifts that these and other giving people left us, and try to do the same for others. These are the moments that make me glad I make music. It helps me and I know it can help you, too.

Southside also dedicated 'The Fever' to Clemons last week while performing in Virginia at Wolf Trap.

Watch Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes perform 'The Fever'