Former Yngwie Malmsteen and Journey collaborator Jeff Scott Soto will release the debut album with his new band SOTO tomorrow. Today, we offer an exclusive premiere of the group's new video for "Break." You can watch it above.

Soto, who has also performed with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is now working with a multi-cultural group featuring Jorge Salan (lead guitar), BJ (keyboard and, guitars), David Z (bass) and Edu Cominato (drums). That's given SOTO a distinct sound, but it also created challenges when putting together projects like the new video.

"We had in mind to actually do it together," Soto tells Ultimate Classic Rock. But time and space were working against them "because my band is scattered around the world. The only one’s that actually in the U.S. is David Z. But he lives in Brooklyn, and I live in L.A." Cominato and BJ, meanwhile, are from San Paolo, Brazil, while Salan is from Madrid.

"We were literally kind of thrown at the last minute," Soto says. "Once we got the flights together, we realized that half of our Brazilian visas had expired. By the time we’d get them all and try to get it within the time frame of getting the video shot, getting it edited and being turned in and ready for the release date, there was just no time."

Ultimately, SOTO paired up when they could to complete the video. "The two guys in Brazil did theirs together, and me and David did our stuff in L.A. together," Soto explains. "I flew him out there and my guitar player in Madrid got his stuff together. So we tried to at least make it look like we were in similar settings."

Everything else comes down to SOTO's musical performance -- one that, the frontman adds, is a potent highlight of the upcoming Inside the Vertigo. "Everybody really shines overall on this song," Soto says. "I mean, they shine on the entire album, but on this particular one, it kind of has all of the bells and whistles."

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