Simply getting to play in a band with Slash would be a dream come true for many musicians, and the Guns N' Roses legend's current four-stringer Todd Kerns certainly doesn't take his job for granted. In fact, Kerns would be the first person to say that he's just lucky to be backing up Slash and Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy in the project, and if it all ended tomorrow he'd still just appreciate having taken the ride.

"This is Slash’s band, it’s Slash featuring Myles Kennedy; that’s just the way it is," says Kerns, who took over the gig from ex-Big Wrek bassist Dave Henning in 2010 following the completion of Slash's self-titled solo debut album, and will be a featured performer on Slash's next platter as well.

"Over the duration of that I’ve watched my own profile get raised a giant percentage," he continues, talking to Glide Magazine. "So to me, it’s whatever Slash wants to do. If he decides tomorrow he’s going to get Paul McCartney to play bass, that’s just the way it goes."

While the chance of the former Beatles legend backing up Slash anytime soon is next to nil, Kerns does reveal that Slash and Kennedy originally planned on only using session musicians for the new album, which they're currently recording in Los Angeles with producer Eric Valentine.

"Initially, the whole thing about recording an album with Myles didn’t have to be that we’re going to record an album with Myles and [former Alice Cooper drummer] Brent [Fitz] and [me]," Kerns says. "[It was] 'we’re going to use some session guys in L.A. and it’s going to be Myles and Slash.' But [Slash] was awesome about it and let us be on the record.”

Slash and the boys went into the studio in December and they “managed to do about a song a day," reveals Kerns, who expects the new record to be completed by February. After that, look for them to once again hit the road.

“We’ll be out in the spring for sure. I haven’t heard anything official but that’s the plan," he reveals. "I know Slash well enough and he said the other day, ‘I want to be out on the road for at least a year,’ and I was like, ‘cool.' I’m sure 2012 will be busy and then probably a chunk of 2013 as well."

That is, of course, assuming no former Beatles take Kerns' job away.