Slash is "honored" by Guns N' Roses' recent Rock Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination, but there may just be a bit of anxiety nagging at him about what would happen at the induction ceremony if the band actually is elected into the Hall.

The guitar hero is in a good place musically, possibly looking at two releases -- one solo album expected next year and the other potential new material with Velvet Revolver --  in the not-too-distant future. Yet reading his remarks, one can't help but wonder if the animosity between Axl Rose and Slash might never ease. Rose famously called Slash a "cancer" and said there was "zero chance" of him ever "having anything to do with Slash," reported Spinner in 2009.

Which brings us to a potential onstage reunion at the Rock Hall induction ceremony if GN'R do make it. "Of course, you have those thoughts of how it might work in case it does happen, but with Guns 'N Roses, there's really no guessing exactly how it will go," Slash tells Billboard. "I suppose if it happens, everybody will get some sort of ducks in order. But I think the first thing to do is wait and see if we actually get inducted, because you know how unpredictable that is."

Either way, Slash said that the nomination is really a career landmark for him.

"It's become very prestigious over the years, and it's become a huge honor for anybody to be inducted into it -- or even nominated, for that matter," he said. "It's a cool accolade, I suppose. Obviously we're in really, really great company."