Ever wonder what is running through Slash's mind 24/7? If you guessed music, you're right on the money.

"You never know where it’s going to come from," Slash says about where he finds his inspiration for music and writing songs. "I’m sitting here talking to you and part of my conscious presence is talking about this stuff, and in the back of my mind, I have riffs and stuff going all the time. I'm constantly thinking about or hearing melodies in my head, and whenever something sounds relatively interesting to me, I'll grab a guitar and start flushing it out."

The good problem to have has paid off for the guitar legend as he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming solo record, which is set for release in May. In addition to his thought process always pertaining to his passion, Slash also says practicing his talent has helped him hone in on the great music that is yet to come.

"I find that the more you practice, the more you stumble across great ideas," he continues, speaking in a new webisode that can be seen below. "I really don't put myself in any kind of pedestal as far as my abilities. I'm still trying to improve on what I started out doing when I was 15. I'm still trying to get better at that. I don't see it changing because I don't ever think I will reach a point of being so good that I have to stop doing that."

The new webisode also features plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of Slash and his bandmates in the studio working on new music. The video will definitely serve as a great tool to keep his fans mouths wet until the as-yet-untitled album drops on May 22.

Watch the New Slash Webisode