Universal Studios Hollywood is providing fans with a seven-minute, first-person look into Slash's Clowns 3D Music, a neon maze of frights and grinding guitars presented as part of the California amusement park's Halloween Horror Nights. You can watch the clip above.

Clowns 3D Music by Slash opened on Sept. 19, just days after the busy former Guns N' Roses guitarist released his latest solo album, 'World on Fire.' The maze takes unsuspecting visitors through a dilapidated roadside attraction and abandoned ice cream factory, playing off some people's fear of clowns. This is the first time a musician has created an original score for a Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal.

Slash says he became interested in getting involved after experiencing a similar maze featuring the music of Black Sabbath -- telling San Diego's 101KGB that it was "literally the coolest thing I'd seen to date."

Slash asked to meet with creator John Murdy, with an eye toward getting involved. "I was like a little kid: How does this work? How did you get that to work?" Slash recalled. "And I think he dug the enthusiasm ... Six months later, he called me up and asked me if I'd be interested in writing music for this all-original 3D clown maze that they were doing. And I jumped at the chance. And it came out really, really cool. And the maze itself is super creepy. If you have coulrophobia [the fear of clowns], you're gonna have a problem."

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