When confronted during a recent interview with a rumor that he once twisted tongues with the tallest member of the animal kingdom, Slash insisted it wasn't his fault. She kissed him! The guitarist told the story from his glory days with Guns N' Roses while on Australia's Triple M Radio.

“I was in Africa and they have this one sort of viewing station that you go up on top of, which is at eye level with the giraffes," Slash says in the video below "Someone said ‘Just give him this carrot — put it in your mouth and he can take it.’ But I didn’t know he was going to stick his tongue down my throat in the process.”

The visit was in an effort to promote his new single 'You're a Lie' from the 'Apocalyptic Love' album due in stores May 22. For the record, a giraffe's tongue measures 18 to 20 inches.

“It would be like the equivalent of kissing Gene Simmons," Slash joked, laughing about the matter along side the Australian radio hosts. We hope he at least called her in the morning.

Slash Talks About French-Kissing a Giraffe