After nearly two decades of backbiting and recriminations, it's easy to forget that Slash and Axl Rose shared a bond that went beyond sparking Guns N' Roses to greatness.

It was a relationship built on mutual admiration, as Slash makes clear in an exclusive video from Loudwire. "Aside from the fact that he's obviously one of the greatest singer/frontman guys to come along ever and a brilliant lyricist," Slash says, "he's also a super, super intelligent -- a very astute individual."

Find out what else Slash has to say about Rose in the clip, attached above.

This new talk follows a hilarious run through his official Wikipedia page, which ultimately led Slash to a series of fond recollections about his time with both Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver. Check it out at Loudwire, and then listen to the five songs you must hear from Slash's new album, 'World on Fire.'

Slash Talks About Guns N' Roses at the Beginning