Ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash attended this year's ‘Slacker Canadian Music Week’ in Toronto -- but as he readies for Sunday night's sold-out gig at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, he took time to sit down for an interview.

During a conversation with radio personality John Derringer at Toronto rock station Q107, Slash talked about the recording of his new album, ‘Apocalyptic Love,’ and the tour that’s to follow in May.

After Derringer referred to Slash's bandmate, vocalist Myles Kennedy, as “probably the best known unknown singer in the world,"  Slash agreed, saying, “That’s exactly how I became aware of him -- he was this really-talked about guy that everyone seemed to know but myself.”

Slash explained that 'Apocalyptic Love' was recorded live and “it’s a real performance album, it’s got all the mistakes, the talking in between the takes, it’s a cool record. We did it all in the moment.”  When asked about how the album will translate to the stage, Slash was happy to add, “It’s tailor-made for that. I’m really excited because we’re about to hit the road soon.”

All the songs on the disc were co-written by Slash and Kennedy, and they’ve also filmed the entire making of the album. Plus, with all the attention surrounding Guns N’ Roses upcoming enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame (even if the old line-up won't play together), this release seems especially timely.

Watch the Interview with Slash on Toronto Radio Q107