Looking for one more reason to pre-order Slash's upcoming 'World on Fire' album? Here's 15 seconds of the new song '30 Years to Life.'

Following the pattern he established back in June, when the album's title track (and first single) surfaced as a 30-second snippet, Slash is keeping things brief here, although the clip -- which you can listen to above -- still leaves more than enough time for listeners to deduce that it's a loud, uptempo rocker.

Last time, he only waited a few days before unleashing the full-length track, so it seems somewhat reasonable to assume that '30 Years to Life' could be the album's third single, with a full-length version set to be uploaded shortly.

If what you hear here whets your appetite for more, good news: '30 Years to Life' is already available for fans who've pre-ordered the record via iTunes, and you can join their ranks by heading here. You can also hear the album's second single, 'Bent to Fly,' right here, and catch Slash and his band on the road with Aerosmith through mid-September. 'World on Fire' is scheduled to arrive in stores on Sept. 17.