The slow roll-out of songs from Sixx:A.M.'s upcoming 'Modern Vintage' LP continues with a sneak preview of the album track 'Drive.'

Bandmates Nikki Sixx and James Michael discuss 'Drive' in the above video, explaining their reasons for wanting to record their version of the song, originally a Top 5 hit for the Cars in 1985. "It took us three records to do a cover song, but I'm so glad that we waited," enthused Michael. "And I'm so glad we chose to do the one we did."

"We had started going down the street of [the Elvin Bishop hit] 'Fooled Around and Fell in Love,'" recalled Sixx. "One day I called you up and just sang the opening line to 'Drive,' and you said 'That's a Sixx:A.M. song!' I think it was an opportunity to cover a song that is so defined that you have to be very careful not to wreck it. That song is so loved by so many people, including us, that we really wanted to pay a real tribute to it, and I believe we have."

"It's such a simple song -- the original version was so simple, but that's what was exciting about it," continued Michael. "In a way, it's a blank canvas, but you need to respect the simplicity ... that's what was so fun about the version we did, especially when [DJ Ashba] started doing his guitar solo. Even that had to be carefully structured around what the original song was."

Ultimately, concluded Sixx, the band came together to take their version of the song to a whole new level. "It's just so emotional."