Two weeks after unveiling their new single 'Gotta Get It Right,' the members of Sixx: A.M. are offering fans a taste of another track from their upcoming album.

The latest cut, titled 'Stars,' is discussed during the latest in a series of behind-the-scenes clips posted to promote the new LP, 'Modern Vintage.' Singer James Michael shared his excitement in an interview for the video, calling it "a quintessential Sixx: A.M. song" and adding, "I think 'Stars' might be one of the best songs we’ve ever written. It does everything Sixx: A.M. does on a heightened level."

Hinting at better times ahead for fans taken aback by the direction the band pursued with 'Gotta Get It Right,' Michael continued, "It’s one of the most aggressive rock songs we have -- the tempo is a lot faster than we usually write. It’s one of those moments you always hope for as a songwriter, where the melody line, lyric and the track all marry. That chorus explodes -- it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, and I’ve heard it thousands of times. ... I really hope that it ends up being a single at some point, because I think Sixx: A.M. fans will really relate to it on a lyrical level, and they'll also feel very comfortable that they're hearing a Sixx: A.M. song."

'Modern Vintage' is due out Oct. 7, and is available to pre-order via Amazon now.