'Between the Buttons' is not one of the Rolling Stones' most celebrated early albums. While the U.S. release at least contains the hit singles 'Let's Spend the Night Together' and 'Ruby Tuesday,' the U.K. version has a handful of good songs and a whole lot of filler ('Cool, Calm & Collected,' anyone?). Thankfully, however, one of the few highlights is 'She Smiled Sweetly.'

Bob Dylan's influence doesn't factor into the Stones' work much (a fine payback for the namecheck in one of his most famous songs), but it's evident here. The waltz tempo and Mick Jagger's phrasing, whispered and clipped, evoke 'Just Like A Woman,' which was released a few months before the bulk of the sessions for 'Between the Buttons' began.


Listen to the Rolling Stones Perform 'She Smiled Sweetly'