Back during Ozzy Osbourne's drug-taking heyday, he thought he was going to die. His wife Sharon's response? "Well, die quietly – I’ve got a meeting at 9 o’clock."

According to Ozzy, his wife's tough-love approach to his problems and addictions helped him make it through those dark days. “It was about 4AM, I was coming off some s--- that I’d been taking, and I wanted someone to love me back to life," he told Classic Rock magazine. “I go, 'Sharon, I think I'm dying.'"

Her casual reply to the statement, Ozzy said, was pretty much par for the course in the Osbourne household. “We’re not afraid to hang our dirty laundry in public," he said. "People know us as a family from 'The Osbournes' TV show, and that was not fixed. It was the way we live.”

When they're not ganging up on U2, Ozzy and Sharon have been each other's greatest enemies. So this latest admission from Ozzy isn't all that shocking.

Next up for Ozzy: planning another stage of Black Sabbath's comeback, which launched last year with the release of their fist-ever No. 1 album, '13.' The singer said he'd be open to a reunion with the band's original drummer, Bill Ward, if the conditions are right.

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