Earlier this summer, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach made headlines when it was learned he was charging fans to attend his wedding reception. Today (Oct. 3), he reveals that he did not profit from it, because all of the money went to the venue, the Rockbar in San Jose, Calif.

"We didn't make any money off our wedding," he told Music Business Facts. "If people think we did, we didn't. We got married and we lived happily ever after. The end. The venue [got the money from the ticket sales]. They put on the wedding. They paid for everything — the food, the band — and so they charged for tickets."

For a modest fee ($175 for singles and $300 for couples), fans were able to see Bach sit in with the Kiss tribute band Destroyer and get their picture taken with the newlywed couple. Bach says that it was really no different from his standard concert procedure. "So it was just like a meet-and-greet kind of thing," he continued. "It was [$175] to come to the reception. I do VIP meet-and-greet sessions at every concert I do for more than that. When I do a meet-and-greet for, like, $200 or something — you know, every day, I do, like, 10 of them at concerts — that's my reality of who I am."

And while they had a bit of a public relations nightmare out of the situation, Bach added that "It semed like the most natural thing in the world. When they said, 'Do you wanna have fans come to the reception when the Kiss tribute band's playing?' I was, like, 'Of course.' Why wouldn't I? I don't wanna jam with a Kiss tribute band just for my mom and my wife. They've seen me before."

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