Make a mental note of this, rock fans. If you’re ever at a Sebastian Bach concert and you see an elderly woman, be very respectful and maintain a safe distance. Otherwise, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a series of f-bombs, courtesy of the main attraction.

Sleaze Roxx found the above video of the former Skid Row singer stopping ‘Monkey Business’ midway through his recent show in Toronto, when he noticed something going on at the front of the stage. “Hey, you wanna f—ing stop the show?” Bach said. “That's my f—ing mother right there, you jack-off. I'm gonna f—ing beat your f—ing face in. Don't f— around with my f—ing mother if you f—ing wanna get out of here alive. Don't anybody f—ing touch my f—ing mother or I'll jump right the f— in here. F—ing Google that s—.”

After making sure his mother was okay, he said, “Any more idiots, man, and I'm f—ing outta here. We're here to have a good f—ing time, right? She's 70 fucking years old."

While it was nice of Bach to rise to his mother’s defense, we nonetheless have to take exception with using such language in front of her, even in the heat of the moment. Still, let’s hope his post-concert meal didn’t consist of a bar of soap.

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