Former Skid Row lead screamer Sebastian Bach has revealed that he was allegedly in line to sing for Judas Priest, presumably after Rob Halford initially left the group in the ‘90s.

Writing on his Facebook page, Bach reveals that while hanging out with Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton (not the one who just quit, that's K.K. Downing) at the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood on Monday night, Tipton said that when Bach was up for the gig, “it almost happened.”

Bach does have some Priest-related history - lead singer Rob Halford got on stage with Bach and the members of Skid Row during an MTV performance in 1992 to rip through the Priest classic ‘Delivering The Goods’ .

Prior to Halford’s eventual return to the group, Judas Priest nabbed Akron, Ohio* based Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens as their new lead singer after seeing video of Owens performing with a local Priest tribute. Owens went on to record two studio albums with the group along with several world tours with Priest before Halford rejoined in 2003.

Bach stuck with Skid Row for three albums, eventually parting ways with the band in 1996. Since then, he’s pursued a solo career. His most recent album, ‘Angel Down’ featured vocal help from longtime pal Axl Rose of Guns n’ Roses on several tracks.

Watch Rob Halford and Skid Row perform 'Delivering The Goods' by Judas Priest

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