The Scorpions are heading back to the U.S. for another batch of dates, but unlike in past years, this could well be their final extensive run of concerts.

Guitarist Matthias Jabs tells Washington D.C.'s Big100.3 that there's mixed emotions going on with the farewell tour. "It's a sad thing to say, but on the other hand we are enjoying the tour so much that we have full houses everywhere and people are in a great mood and it's so much fun to play at the moment," says Jabs. "People can expect a great show, great production, lots of multimedia. We play all the hits and it's a fantastic show."

When asked by WASH-FM host Lisa about what's next for him, the guitarist replied, "I think I will just take a break first and then try to find out what I really want to do cause since 34 years there has always been somebody telling us what to do and coming up with a plan for next week, next month or next year. It's also refreshing and I can find something that I really love to do. I don't want to think about it too much at the moment because it's basically next year and then I find out. I will definitely make music that's for sure."

One thing that he'll have plenty of time to do is catch up on music. The guitarist admits that after playing shows every night and dealing with the ringing in the ears from the performance, there's not a lot of time to listen to music while on the road. However he does still have his favorites.

He revealed, "I can tell you I like the band Nickelback. For me they're really one of the great rock bands that came out after the older generation, like the Scorpions, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, all those. They are the newer generation. They are not brand new of course, but I really like what they are doing. They're powerful, they're great songs, and they're really my favorite band from today."

Even though Jabs discussed this being a farewell run, as we reported recently it looks like there's no need for goodbyes just yet, as the band is now reportedly planning more of a relaxed work and tour schedule.

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