Scorpions singer Klaus Meine has already been part of one farewell tour that ended up not being the band's last, so don't expect him to offer any timelines for the band's future.

Speaking with Vegas Rocks! (via Blabbermouth), Meine shrugged off the question of whether the Scorpions' current tour might serve as their actual farewell. "We really don't wanna talk about another farewell tour," he insisted. "We don't wanna make any predictions for the future whatsoever."

That said, Meine seems to understand that — like any band celebrating its 50th anniversary — the Scorpions could hang it up at any time. Citing the recent deaths of manager Peter Amend and tour manager Michael Gehrke as examples of how suddenly things can change, Meine pointed out that even though the band is enjoying touring behind their new album Return to Forever, he knows each show could be their last.

"You realize that it can be all over just tomorrow — you know, you just realize. When something like this happens — a real tragedy — you don't take anything for granted anymore," he continued. "So we enjoy the day, we enjoy what we're doing, but you never know. So no predictions. We're here right now, and we enjoy, and when we come to America, we wanna give our fans a great show and not too much thinking about what might be next year, what might be 2017. I know about 2018, so I will be 70."

Of course, there are a growing number of septuagenarian rockers on the road, so being 70 doesn't necessarily mean Meine will be ready to hang it up — as he went on to relate with a story about watching the Rolling Stones with Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. "Steven and me were watching Mick Jagger — he was dancing and going totally crazy," recalled Meine. "And I said to Steven, 'Look, Steven, this guy is 70 now. Isn't that amazing?' And Steven Tyler went, 'Klaus, I'm 66!' And I said, 'Well, me too, man.' So all of us are growing older, but we're still out there with the same passion. And I guess we're young at heart, and we get so much energy from the audience, from the fans, and that's a great thing."

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