Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana has a simple fix for the current economic downturn: turn the television off. In an interview with Classic Rock Revisited Santana says Americans are too focused on intangibles.

"If you turn off CNN and Fox – that’s collective illusion, it is not reality. If you turn off the TV and go for a walk in the park, you see the bees doing their thing, and the birds doing their thing, and the trees doing their thing. Mother Nature goes on and you see that love is the only thing that is real."

The singer has long been known for perspectives unusual to the mainstream media. While silencing our televisions may not bring instant economic growth, he could be right about overexposure to bad news souring our collective mood. "Somehow, people in the United States, we invest so much in fear that it ends up like everyday is Halloween but without the candy; that is boring to me," he adds.

Santana goes on to discuss this month's tour stops with comedian George Lopez. The pair call themselves the 'Divine Rascals.' "A 'Divine Rascal’ is someone who has 'Carte Blanche' from God to make people laugh," Santana explains. "Laughter is a great form of meditation. When you have such a great belly laugh, to where your eyes are crying and you almost cut the cheese because you can’t control it, then that is the most therapeutic medicine that you can have."

The first date on the tour is Aug. 25 in Auburn, Wash. Only a few dates will feature Lopez, the rest will carry Michael Franti & Spearhead as an opener. Santana says his band will "bring it" every show. "I mean when people listen to our band then they are reminded, on a molecular, and cellular level, that you have more love, energy, kindness, passion and patience than you think."