Sammy Hagar may be planning for the upcoming release of Chickenfoot's new album, but he's apparently not too busy to discuss a reunion with Van Halen, stating that he still believes someday he'll perform with his estranged friends again.

"We made too good of music together," Hagar tells Artisan News. "We had such a great thing for a long time. When it went sour, it wasn't just because of us. There was a lot of outside forces. Our manager died and a new guy came in, and he just totally divided the band and conquered us, you know? So, I think there will come a time where Eddie's gonna wake up and go, 'Hey, man, I miss being friends with Sammy,' if nothing else, or, 'I would love to make that music again, or play those songs again.'"

He adds that the band's choices are limited when it comes to lead singers. "They've got Sam or they got Dave," explains Hagar. "They can't find a new guy. They already tried that [with Gary Cherone] and it didn't work. It's inevitable that if Eddie and I want to play music for the rest of our lives, someday they're gonna have come and deal with me. And I'm pretty easy to deal with."

Van Halen are reportedly about to release an album with original vocalist David Lee Roth returning, and Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang on bass.  Even if they were to call, though, Sammy says he wouldn't leave his current band to reunite with Van Halen just yet.

That's because he's too happy working with Joe Satriani, former VH bassist Michael Anthony and Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith. The foursome just announced that their new album, presumably titled'Chickenfoot III,' will be released in September. A brief clip of the disc's first single, 'Bigfoot,' can be heard here.

"I hope they don't call me next week, I hope they don't call me next month, because I would have to say, 'Gee, I'm busy right now,' Hagar explains. "I'm not gonna drop Chickenfoot for anything. It's my favorite thing I've ever done in my life. I love this band."

Sammy Hagar Calls Van Halen Reunion 'Inevitable'