The Red Rocker might have issues with keeping his speed under 55 miles per hour, but with a new season of NFL football underway, Sammy Hagar is helping to provide the soundtrack that will hopefully inspire a few extra sacks and touchdowns this year!

Hagar went full contact for ‘Knockdown,’ the new song he composed with his Chickenfoot bandmate Joe Satriani that has just been released as one of three new songs that will be used throughout the upcoming season as official gameday music of the NFL.

Granted, Sammy knows a thing or two about writing stadium rockers. His alcohol-fueled anthem ‘Mas Tequila' certainly borrowed more than generously from fellow sports fan Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock and Roll Part II.’  ‘Knockdown’ features a similarly high energy vibe, set against a galloping riff from Satriani, with plenty of “Heys!” that seem tailor made for revving an already liquid-enhanced crowd to that next level.

These lyrics certainly did the trick for us:

“Here we go all the way, here we go/Show ‘em what we mean by rock and roll/ Hit ‘em!  Stick ‘em! Put ‘em on their back!/ Send ‘em all packing/ Wipe ‘em off the mat!”

Pretty basic rah-rah material. Granted, Sammy won’t be winning any awards for the lyrics, but we’re down with it, because let’s face it, these kind of songs aren’t usually lyrically “deep.”  But let’s not leave out the chorus:

“Knockdown/ Dragout/ Get ready/ We’re ready!”


Hey, while everybody's all fired up, can we please get some news on Chickenfoot live concert dates?

Listen To ‘Knockdown’ By Sammy Hagar And Joe Satriani