Chickenfoot singer Sammy Hagar doesn't ever need to work another day in his life, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know the sting of being out of a job. Hagar, who was famously booted from Van Halen in the mid-'90s, perhaps drew a bit on that experience when he penned 'Three and a Half Letters,' a track that's from the forthcoming Chickenfoot 'III' album and is now streaming online.

"I received a letter from an Iraq vet who was having a tough time finding a job," Hagar tells Rolling Stone. "He closed the letter with the words, 'Can you help me, brother? I need a job.'"

Hagar got a few more notes like it, and then got a crazy idea: why not put the literary work of those unemployed people to good use? Soon Hagar had written 'Three and a Half Letters,' a tune that features lines quoted directly from those letters he had received.

Next up, Chickenfoot plan on taking 'Three and a Half Letters' on the road. Hagar and the boys will perform the song at upcoming shows in their own attempt at stimulating the economy and promoting job growth.

"We will play the song on tour with new letters, and we are inviting people to send us their stories," says Hagar. "We will post their letters on our site and hope we can help them find work."

In the meantime, 'Three and a Half Letters' currently is streaming online here. Chickenfoot's second album, 'III,' which we wrote a rather extensive review of already, drops Tuesday (Sept. 27).