Insert your own "Can't Drive 55" joke here: Sammy Hagar is the excited owner of a brand new, custom-ordered Ferrari.

ABC's Bay Area KGO affiliate reported on Hagar picking up the car, getting his giddy reaction on camera and airing footage you can watch below.

"Sitting in it intimidates me. This car scared me," Hagar told the news crew. "When I started this car, you probably couldn't see, but I got goose bumps on my arms."

The report adds that it took Hagar more than a year to get his hands on his 2015 LaFerrari, which is equipped with a 949-horsepower gas-electric engine that can accelerate from 0 to 62MPH in less than three seconds and from 0 to 124MPH in less than seven seconds. Ferrari only manufactures 499 every 10 years, and waiting for his was such an ordeal for Hagar that he's reportedly making a film about it.

"My anticipation to drive it was driving me crazy," he wrote in a post at his official site, adding that he and his wife Kari immediately put 100 miles on the car as soon as they left the lot. "It sounds like a monster of some kind. It gets way more attention than I want (daaah!). I'm getting used to it slowly before I really try to push I push it to my limit, which is way below the car's limit I'm sure of that after today! I feel really special getting in and out of that car I just want to look at it sometimes. I'm very close to being speechless."

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Posted by ABC7 News on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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