As a Christmas present of sorts, Sammy Hagar decided to open the floor to his fans via Facebook, and to respond to any questions the red rocker's devotees may have.

Ask and ye shall receive, Sammy. "Within about 30 seconds, we had about 30,000 questions!' Hagar said via a video post on his You Tube page before joking, "I'm gonna blow through 'em. It's gonna be like a deposition, a lot of 'yes' 'no,' 'yes' 'no'."

In response to a question asking if Sammy had ever considered doing a duet with a country singer, Hagar's response was immediate, "Yes I have, as a matter of fact, I think I'm going to do one... If I do another record I'm going to do a couple duets, and it will probably be more country than rock because, you know, all my country buddies." We can only hope his John Deer tractor stays under 55 m.p.h.

Other such topics tackled included his favorite drink, whether he has thought about doing a Christmas album and who he would most like to meet and or jam with. The answers to the aforementioned are Mai Tai or Margarita, yes and Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Jimmy Page.

In addition, Hagar says he has ideas for another book or two and in response to the cryptic question, "What can anyone do to spread the light?" Hagar meditatively replied, "Just be nice to people, when you look at people you smile at them," adding, "don't let anyone make you mad...don't let them bring you in."

Well said, Red!

Watch Sammy Hagar Respond To Questions From Fans