Music documentary lovers will finally see red with the public television premiere of the new Sammy Hagar "rockumentary" ‘Go There Once Be There Twice.’ The catch? You’re going to have to be in Northern California to be able to see it. The film will screen locally on KQED Television on August 18 and 19.

Hagar and filmmaker Paul Ware set out to document the unique history of Hagar’s Cabo Wabo cantina, the overall scene in Cabo San Lucas, and the mutual love affair that has grown between Sammy and his fans over the 20 years of birthday celebrations that happen there each October.

With footage spanning four decades, ‘Go There Once Be There Twice’ mixes fan-shot video and archival Sammy performances to create an intriguing watch that the producers are promising “even a non-Redhead will understand and enjoy.” That’s a big statement -- the equivalent of saying that a non-NASCAR fan will still have fun at the races!

Hagar himself was in Toronto earlier this year to introduce a screening of the film at Canadian Music Week. In an interview, he opened up about the film and said “there’s old footage in there that’ll blow your mind. In this documentary we have Van Halen opening the Cabo Wabo, sitting downtown with an acoustic guitar with no one around. It’s in there. I’ve been filming this thing from day one.”

Watch A Live Performance Of 'Red' From Sammy Hagar's 'Go There Once Be There Twice'