A day before they release 'Clockwork Angels Tour' on home video, Rush will bring their concert document to the big screen. And you have only one chance to see it.

The one-time-only event will take place at 7 PM on Nov. 18 at various movie theaters across the country. It will feature the same material found on the DVD and Blu-ray coming out the next day, but it will be, like, 100 times bigger than what you'd watch it on at home. ('Clockwork Angels Tour' will also be available on CD, if you just want to see and not hear the action.)

The concert footage comes from performances in Dallas and Phoenix shot last year during the band's stops on its tour in support of 2012's 'Clockwork Angels' album. In addition to songs from that LP, the film will feature Rush classics like 'Tom Sawyer,' 'The Spirit of Radio' and '2112.'

Additionally, the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble joins the band onstage for a few numbers -- the first time the group has ever worked with other musicians on tour. The movie also includes 25 minutes of behind-the-scenes material, like interviews with the trio.

Tickets for the screening go on sale tonight (Oct. 31) at, get this, 21:12, or 9:12 PM. Clever, huh?