Rush drummer Neil Peart will release a new instructional DVD entitled ‘Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime Of Live Performance’ on Oct. 14. A new trailer for the video has been released, which you can watch below.

Peart, who celebrated his 59th birthday this week (Sept. 12), can be seen in the preview clip traveling a desert highway on motorcycle, his preferred method of travel, presumably on his way to the next Rush gig.

The sample footage shows Peart at work from numerous angles and includes a teaser clip of the assembly of his massive kit prior to soundcheck.

With over six hours of footage, ‘Taking Center Stage’ appears to be a nearly complete document from the drumming perspective of the recent ‘Time Machine’ tour from Rush, offering unprecedented access to the inner workings of the notoriously private Peart behind the scenes.

Video captured during Rush’s performance in Saratoga Springs, New York provides the digital eye candy that allows Peart to take his aspiring drumming students through each song of the setlist, hit by hit with detailed explanation of the methodology behind each track.

Our friends at note that the official website for ‘Taking Center Stage’ has been updated with behind the scenes pictures from the DVD filming. A four part interview with ‘Taking Center Stage’ co-producer Joe Bergamini will be added to the site soon.

Watch the Preview Trailer for Neil Peart's 'Taking Center Stage' Instructional Video