When coming across the devil in a social situation, are you more likely to use all your well-learned politesse, or simply shout at him? Your answer to that question may sway your vote in this edition of Clash of the Titans, in which we pit Motley Crue's 'Shout at the Devil' against the Rolling Stones' 'Sympathy for the Devil.'

The Stones' song was released first by a comfortable margin, arriving as part of a handful of classic cuts from the band's 1968 'Beggars Banquet' LP. Given that the song came a year after the band had caused some conservative pearl-clutching by releasing an album called 'Their Satanic Majesties Request,' 'Sympathy for the Devil' didn't do the Stones any favors with the common decency brigade -- although anyone who took the trouble of listening to the lyrics would have quickly understood that it's a much more nuanced piece of work than its title might suggest, presenting hundreds of years' worth of rotten human behavior as viewed through the twinkling eye of our greatest Biblical adversary.

Motley Crue also courted controversy with 'Shout at the Devil,' which served as the title track to their 1983 sophomore album. Regardless of the fact that shouting at the devil sounded like something those nice boys in Stryper might do, parents and pundits looked at the band's aggressively androgynous appearance (as well as the pentagram on the cover) and assumed they were encouraging devil worship -- all of which no doubt helped the record hit the Top 20 and go double platinum by early 1985.

So which 'Devil' gets your vote in this Clash of the Titans matchup? Check them both out below, and remember: you can cast a ballot once an hour between now and when voting ends on Sunday, Sept. 21, at 11:59PM Eastern.

Listen to Motley Crue, 'Shout at the Devil'

Listen to the Rolling Stones, 'Sympathy for the Devil'