No less than four three Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin members are commemorating their birthdays this week, so we're going to focus on the music and legacy of each one in separate features this week.

Keith Richards' third but longest-tenured guitar partner, Wood, turns 64 on June 1st, so we ran down the 10 best songs from his time with the Stones. Their bandmate Charlie Watts' June 2 70th birthday leads us to a discussion of 10 things you may not know about the legendary drummer.

Zeppelin drummer John Bonham was born May 31, 1948, so we discuss how much he's missed with Clementine, the drummer for Zep tribute band Zepparella. His rhythm section partner John Paul Jones turns 65 on Friday, June 3, and in the name of equal time, we talk about his legacy with Lez Zeppelin bassist Megan.

Updated: Turns out John Paul Jones' birthday is JANUARY, not June, 3rd. We got incorrect information from a reference book -- check out the photo below.  We're gonna run the story and celebrate his music anyway!

"Rolling Stones / Led Zeppelin Birthday Bash" Publishing Schedule:

Tuesday, May 31 - John Bonham Discussed with Clementine of Zepparella
Wednesday, June 1 - Top 10 Ron Wood Rolling Stones Songs
Thursday, June 2 - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Charlie Watts
Friday, June 3 - John Paul Jones Discussed with Megan from Lez Zeppelin (even though it's not his birthday)