The Rolling Stones are now enjoying their 50th year as a band, which is a long time for any group of musicians, so it should come as no surprise that with his age advancing that guitarist Keith Richards is getting a bit forgetful.

The legendary rocker told Absolute Radio that there are times during the first few bars of a song that he forgets how the rest of the track will go. But luckily, muscle memory takes over. He explains, "The fingers remember even if you don't. I don't practice as much as I should, probably. But now that we're putting the act together again, I'm getting the chops back together."

Speaking of "putting the act together again," though full details have yet to be revealed on an extended trek, singer Mick Jagger did reveal last week that he expected the Rolling Stones to perform again sometime "this autumn."

The group have spent time working together in the studio on a couple of occasions this year, and their past work in the spring was reportedly filmed for an upcoming documentary.