'I Love You Too Much' is one of 12 unreleased songs on the Rolling Stones' upcoming reissue of 'Some Girls.' The stripped down pop-rocker, much like 'No Spare Parts,' the first song released from this collection, was recorded without vocals over three decades ago, with Mick Jagger recently going back in studio to tie up loose ends for this project.

The novelty of unreleased material is enough to push Stones fans into buying this two-disc set when it's available next week, but it's immediately clear why this Jagger and Keith Richards written song was scrapped in favor of cuts like 'Miss You,' 'Beast of Burden' and 'Shattered.' 'I Love You Too Much' is by comparison flat and uninteresting.

"'Cause I love too much / I can't help it if I love you too much / You got me dizzy like a martini lunch / I can't help it if I love you / I can't help it if I love you," Jagger sings during the second chorus. It's the performance of a man singing because he has to, not because he wants to.

"You call it morbid fascination / I call it nasty education / Friends of mine, they all snicker and sneer / Their all laughin' while I cry in my beer / I never give in / I get discouraged but I never give in." There's one forgettable guitar solo after the second chorus but aside from the introduction, none of the six-string magic Richards and Ronnie Wood were famous for.

The song begins to shed it's burdensome pop production towards the end with Jagger rifling through a series of unintelligible but enjoyable lyrics. It's too late to save a sorrowfully average song, but enough to leave one optimistic about the next cut on the deluxe edition CD.

Listen to the Rolling Stones 'I Love You Too Much'