The Who's Roger Daltrey joined Jay Leno last night and gave 'The Tonight Show' audience a spirited rendition of his 1969 hit 'Pinball Wizard' that included a digital pinball machine side show. Next week Daltrey will kick off a six week tour of the 'Tommy' rock opera. He'll travel along both coasts, through the Southwest, and into Canada before wrapping up Nov. 2.

While guitarist and primary 'Tommy' songwriter Pete Townshend is not joining Daltrey for this tour, the two are looking forward to working together again soon. As we previously reported, they're planning a 2012 tour in support of the Quadrophenia box set Townshend has been focusing on in recent months. Pete's brother Simon joined Daltrey on 'The Tonight Show' to play the warp-speed rhythym that Townshend made famous. All things considered, it was a more than passable version of the English rock band's classic hit.

Leno was proud to bring his personal vinyl copy of 'Tommy' to 'The Tonight Show' stage. He commented that it was about 30 years old before introducing Daltrey. It's actually closer to 42 years old, but to be honest we're not comfortable with that math either. Daltrey continues to look younger than his 67 years. He was wearing a trimming black button up shirt and jeans. Of course he was still rocking his trademark man-perm.

Watch Roger Daltrey Perform 'Pinball Wizard' on 'The Tonight Show'