We know, we know ... comparing a young and handsome Roger Daltrey to a common, hairy sheep can come across as a little insulting and weird.

Fans of the Who singer will likely say Daltrey deserves better than to have his picture thrown up here next to that of a domesticated farm animal and then made fun of. In fact, we would totally agree with them and we certainly aren't making fun of him. But ... just look at him!

This vintage shot of Daltrey is from 1968, just one year after the 'The Who Sell Out' single 'I Can See for Miles' became the band's first and only U.S. Top 10 hit, and one before they released their legendary rock opera 'Tommy.'

The Who had shed most of their early mod influences by this point, meaning Daltrey had grown out his shorter, mod-ish hair cut in favor of a more free-flowing, hippie-ish mane.

And that is quite a mane he's sporting! Some might even say he looks like, well ... a long-haired, shaggy hipster sheep. And when we say hipster sheep, we mean it in the most fun-loving and appreciative way. As in: "Awww, ain't that hipster sheep really cute!"