Your fan letters to Rod Stewart might have gotten lost, but don't blame the local postman. Not after Michael Hutson Lutz, a 37-year-old from Niceville, Fla., destroyed Stewart's Palm Beach mailbox in an incident officers linked with alcohol.

Lutz was charged with driving under the influence -- as well as property damage -- after the crash. He apparently hit Stewart's mailbox on South Ocean Boulevard while trying to pull to the side of the road for the traffic stop, The News-Herald reports.

The policeman said he noticed Lutz's car crossing the road's center line before attempting to pull him over. Lutz then reportedly produced a debit card when asked for his driver's license. The officer said Lutz's eyes “appeared glassy” and that he had a “strong odor of unknown alcoholic beverage emanating from his person,” according to the police report.

Lutz is said to have failed five separate field sobriety tests, while registering more than three times the legal limit, before being handcuffed and put in the back of the police car. Then he made “several inappropriate comments” on the way to booking at the Palm Beach County Jail, says the report.

Stewart recently released Another Country, which includes songs written by the singer and marks his first new recording since 2013. Meanwhile, police estimated the damage to Stewart's mailbox at $500.

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