A tragic story from outside the classic-rock realm has shocked the entire music world today. Four musicians -- including two members of a rock band named the Yellow Dogs -- are dead after a horrific murder-suicide that took place early this morning in Brooklyn, N.Y.

According to Pitchfork, group members Souroush Farazmand and Arash Farazmand, along with fellow musician Ali Eskandarian, were killed just after midnight by an as-yet unidentified man, apparently a fellow musician whom the group had a "personal conflict" with in the past.  Another man, Sasan Sadeghpourosko, was injured in the attack but has already been released from the hospital. The gunman then went to the roof of the building and killed himself with a single shot from a .308-caliber rifle.

(Update: It had been previously reported that the shooter was a former member of the Yellow Dogs, upset about being kicked out of the band. The group's manager has denied this story.)

The Yellow Dogs formed in Tehran, Iran, in 2006 but have been based in the artist-friendly East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn for several years. They were recently labeled one of Spin's "50 Must-Hear Bands" in advance of their appearance at the annual South by Southwest festival.

"They seem like really nice guys," declared neighbor Martin Greenman, who said he had seen the band members just three days earlier. "They didn't seem to be in any way to be violent guys. They weren't rabble-rousers or anything like that."