The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum is seeking $12,000 in contributions from music fans in order to help finance the restoration of a famous sign from the Yasgur Farm Dairy, the site of the original Woodstock music festival.

The museum, which is a non-profit organization, has already secured an anonymous donor to provide half of the $24,000 cost of the restorative work needed for the sign, but this person insisted the rest of the funding come from the public. As such, a drive has been started through the fund-raising website Kickstarter, featuring a video explaining the importance of the festival and the artifact itself.

According to the video, the original 1969 Woodstock festival, which featured performances from Jimi Hendrix and many others, "landmarked an era and validated a movement." Apparently this sign got dislodged and left on the side of the road while everybody was busy being dirty, happy and high. Luckily, a local resident saved it so future generations can look back on one of the most important events in rock history.

It looks like the Museum is pretty close to their goal - as of Monday, Aug. 8 they were just $74 short of $12,000, so it could be one of you who puts them over the top.  Supporters who pledge $50 will have their name listed on a special website supporting the sign, and if you double that you can get a special tie-dye shirt from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Anybody interested in donating to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Woodstock sign fundraising effort can do so by visiting their Kickstarter page.

Watch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Woodstock Sign Kickstarter Video