Robert Plant accepted the Spirit Award at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and the first person he mentioned was his late Led Zeppelin bandmate John Bonham.

"I always remember what John Bonham told me when I was about 22," Plant recalled while accepting the honor. “He said, 'You’re not very good at what you do, but just go out and look good, because it will help us a lot.’”

Ironically, Plant had requested that no Led Zeppelin-related questions be asked during the press conference in which he received the award.

The singer went on to say that he is enjoying making music more than ever with his current group Band of Joy.

"This is entertainment and it’s fantastic that I get feted like this, but I’m the one that’s getting the biggest kick," he explains. "Because I can still do it, and I’m doing it in a much more interesting and dynamic environment to any one I’ve been in before -- ever. This is my moment, really. And I had to wait until I was 62 to catch it."

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