Apparently Robert Plant is not working with Diplo. The successful electronic dance music (EDM) DJ and producer said he was joking when he posted a photo of the two of them, but now he'd love to collaborate with the former Led Zeppelin frontman.

"I was on tour with Robert Plant down in South America and we never did anything together, I just wrote that on my Instagram," he told KROQ's Kevin & Bean. "It seemed like it was so insane that no one would take it seriously but now I’m actively going to look for him to do a collaboration."

Last month, Diplo uploaded a selfie of the two of them with the caption, "Collab coming soon." Given Plant's willingness to experiment with different genres, it actually made a degree of sense. But Diplo admitted he had a specific motive for wanting to meet him.

"The reason I even approached him backstage is because he beat me for the Grammy Record of the Year four years ago ['Please Read the Letter' beat M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes,' which Diplo produced, but it was actually six years ago, in 2009] and I told him that was my only chance to to get that award and you and Alison Krauss ruined it for me, but I still want to get a photo with you anyway."

Diplo didn't know what to expect from the encounter, but he came away impressed and inspired. He said Plant is "so awesome and he has just such a good vibe. He didn't really know who I was but he spent like a half hour talking to me about whatever, and I thought that was just so cool. His excitement about music and his eyes is still there and I love that. It gives me faith in my future, you know?"

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