Although the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been known to perform in concert wearing nothing more than socks on their genitals, bassist Flea suggests that the group will be more properly attired when they appear as part of the Super Bowl halftime show in New Jersey on Feb. 2.

The subject came up after Flea asked the following farcical question to his Twitter followers last week: "Anybody wanna see my c--- at the Super Bowl?" The post was quickly deleted, and when TMZ caught up with the musician Wednesday night, he made it clear there would be no repeat of Janet Jackson's famous 2004 "wardrobe malfunction" on his watch.

"No . . . no, they'd chop my head off," he laughingly responded to the reporter's question. By "they," we presume he could mean any combination of the NFL, CBS, the FCC, his managers, his record label or dozens of religious and family values organizations.

So did someone make him delete that tweet, and what exactly does the band -- which has also taken to the stage wearing giant light bulbs, Jimi Hendrix outfits and blowtorches on their heads -- have in store for the big show? "I can't discuss," Flea said. "It's very mysterious."