If the idea of classic rock bands going the electronic remix route bothers you, Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek has some bad news: Not only is he happy with the result of the band's recent collaboration with dubstep producer Skrillex, but he thinks it could be the first of several such experiments -- and he thinks deceased Doors vocalist Jim Morrison would be totally on board with the idea.

"He'd love it. He was no purist," Manzarek insisted during a recent interview with Billboard. "His words were his mileau. He might be, 'Don't f--- with my words,' but he'd be open for all kind of improvisations. He loved that stuff."

Of the Doors/Skrillex collaboration, titled 'Breakin' a Sweat,' Manzarek said the sessions "kicked me in the ass," but mused, "We might do some stuff in that direction. What I'd like to do and what might happen is to do some electronic treatments of the songs, of the multi-tracks we have, Robby [Krieger] and I working with different people. That would be a lot of fun. That's the new realm of music, electronics. Electronics can go anywhere, so that's what I'm looking forward to in the future."

'Breakin' a Sweat' comes as part of a flurry of Doors-related activity in 2012, including the recently released 40th anniversary edition of the band's 'L.A. Woman' album, which comes bundled with alternate versions of tracks and a pair of new songs, 'She Smells So Sweet' and 'Rock Me.'

"That's buried treasure, found treasure," said Manzarek of the new song. "Nobody remembered doing the song. [Producer Bruce Botnick] found it in the outtakes; he listened to everything and said, 'Hey, there's a whole new song here.' We said, 'What?' We went down to hear it and it was like, 'S---!' Nobody remembered recording it. It was a total surprise for the Doors, for Bruce Botnick and hopefully for the fans, too."

Aside from surprises, Manzarek promises real emotion from the package, which also includes a new documentary about the making of the album. "It brings a tear to your eye to hear our brother, man, to hear that last session, to hear Jim in a sort of whiskey growl...And seeing him is like, '...there's my brother, man. He ain't gonna be on the planet no more.' It's very moving."

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