They both released some of the more tunefully sleazy rock of the '80s, and they both emerged victorious in the opening round of this month's Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame battles. Now, Ratt and Poison go head-to-head to find out who'll be moving on to the finals.

Neither band has ever been what you'd call a critical darling, and they both went up against widely respected opponents in the opening round, but the fans don't care about reviews, and the fans are the only thing that counts in our 100 percent reader-voted competition -- which is why Ratt trumped Nirvana in their matchup, walking away with more than 52 percent of the vote, and Poison defeated Soundgarden, racking up more than 56 percent.

These Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame battles often ask fans to choose between bands from very different ends of the musical spectrum, but this is one case where our opponents occupy similar turf -- and they've both shown a remarkable resiliency over the years, toughing it out through membership turnover and changing trends to continue touring and cranking out new music. So who makes it through to the next round, Ratt or Poison? You can vote once a day between now and Monday, Nov. 24, at 11:59PM ET. This month’s winner will be announced on Dec. 2. Be sure to read our official rules.