In an extremely gross and more than slightly disturbing story from outside the world of classic rock, a DJ in Chile found out how far one fan was willing to go for free concert tickets. And trust us, it was too far.

The station, simply called Top 40, held a contest this week offering passes for the Mysteryland EDM festival to the listener who did the most outrageous thing. The "winner," and we use that term quite loosely, ended up licking whipped cream out of DJ Paul Hip's rear end.

It gets weirder. Other listeners were then invited to make out with the "winner" to secure tickets of their own. Top 40 actually tweeted out an (obviously NSWF) photo of the on-air stunt -- before thinking better of it. The station then deleted the tweet, and issued a public apology.

"The 40 Principales team apologizes to all the people that were offended for the image published," an official statement says. "We want to clarify that the challenge done by our listener was absolutely voluntary and proposed by her, as part of a contest that was open to anyone who wanted to take part of it. Also, we are sorry for our mistake in accepting that challenge. We hope that you understand that this was during a playful context and there wasn't bad intentions, and intention to offend or denigrate our audience."

The official website for Mysteryland Chile subsequently got caught up in this awful stunt, too -- since it automatically reposts any tweets about the festival. Mysteryland is set for this weekend.

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