What looks like Queensryche, sounds like Queensryche but isn't really Queensryche? Well, it's complicated. Tonight, the rock band is scheduled to play West Valley City, Utah, but only singer Geoff Tate will be there.

In a statement, Tate remained professional, saying only that some members wouldn't be there "for personal reasons," adding (via Blabbermouth) "Although I would have really loved for all of us to play together, it wasn't possible for them. I couldn't miss playing for one of the best rock audiences in the world and opening for one of my all-time favorite bands for anything. Thanks to my fans, and the Scorpions for your continued support and I plan to rock Salt Lake City today at the show."

Queensryche is opening for the Scorpions. The rest of the band is joining singer Todd La Torre of Crimson Glory to tour under the name Rising West. They debuted last weekend in Seattle. No one has announced a breakup, but the writing seems to be on the wall.

Last week all members except Tate were blocked from accessing the band's official website and Facebook page. Two weeks ago news broke of an unconfirmed attack during rehearsal, in which Tate learned he was going to be fired and allegedly went after his bandmates. At that time, publicist Jeff Albright told Billboard, the group are simply pursuing different creative projects for a while.