Queensryche sells, but who's buying?

That's the question that stands to be answered now that the veteran band has decided to open up shares in Queensryche LLC, a holding company established to help generate revenue for what drummer Scott Rockenfield refers to as "big-picture stuff." Shares aren't cheap -- as Billboard reports, buying in requires a minimum investment of $50,000, plus being vetted by "an independent accreditation process" -- but for those who have what it takes, this is an opportunity to buy a piece of Queensryche.

"This is an opportunity for fans to actually own an equity stake in the band," explained attorney Marc LoPresti, part of the legal team that helped set up the LLC. "There is nothing that they do as a unit as Queensryche that the fans that invest will not be a part of ... We are hoping that we will engage more people instead of less, because for the guys, it’s about the music and it’s about the fans."

The band has set a $2 million ceiling on the amount of money they're hoping to raise from selling shares, so if you've got the means and the motive, you may want to act quickly. For fans with a little less disposable income, there's also an upcoming PledgeMusic campaign that will help drum up funds for Queensryche's next album.

Meanwhile, on the musical front, former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate has announced plans to reissue 'Frequency Unknown,' his final release under the Queensryche banner. As fans may recall, complaints about the album's audio quality prompted Tate to commission an extensive remix from Yes veteran Billy Sherwood, which was later shelved due to time constraints -- and is now being bundled with the original version in a new double-disc limited edition.

Available for purchase now, the expanded 'Frequency Unknown' boasts what a press release promises are remixed versions that have been "rearranged almost from scratch, with Sherwood adding orchestral arrangements and his own unique spin on these brilliant compositions" and prove "that this album contained some of Queensryche's most complex and rewarding songs in years." Tate has also started work on his next album, which will reportedly be released under his new Operation: Mindcrime moniker.