Celebrating 40 years as a group, Queen have become true rock legends, but drummer Roger Taylor is wise, realizing that now might be the time to start looking for successors to the throne.

Pop enigma Lady Gaga has been mentioned as a potential injector of youth for the group. But in addition, proving that he's thinking in big picture terms, Taylor is spearheading the assembly of an official musical tribute, dubbed Queen Extravaganza, auditioning members for the potential troupe that could enable Queen's legacy to be one long never-ending tour.

They're conducting the search with dignity, as Taylor shared with the Huffington Post. “We're trying to find really exciting, young, talented, ferociously on fire musicians. We're reaching into the global bedroom via the internet to find some of that incredible talent that's out there.”

He says that they're assembling a show that will cover “our entire career” of Queen music, with the band being the star of the show, made up of fresh young players and not “a bunch of old men.”

Musicians jockeying for a position in Queen's musical castle should have a good command of the band's music and Taylor also says that good looks will also be a helpful part of the package. More than anything though, they're looking for people who want to be “excited and involved.”

Remembering his departed comrade, Freddie Mercury, Taylor says that underneath all of the “glitz, glamor, dressing up and outrageous theatricality” was a “brilliant musician” and that Mercury remains a part of their “personal mental wallpaper” to this day.

The initial applicants for Queen Extravaganza have been a varied bunch and some of the auditions have already been posted to the official website for the competition.